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Challenge: Attract more prospective PRSSA Emerson Members at Org Fair than previous years.

Strategy: Shift the focus away from PRSSA Emerson and onto why everyone needs PR to brand themselves. Drill down further by major.

Approach: To stand out amongst the chaos that consumes Emerson’s Annual Org Fair, we needed to find a way to connect with incoming freshman beyond wide smiles and candy bribes. I suggested focusing less on PRSSA Emerson and more on how PR is useful to each major. We created postcard-sized flyers for every major and handed them out as people approached our table. Each member of our E-Board was assigned a different major to speak to.

It worked. We had 72 freshman join that semester.


Below is copy that I wrote for the flyers and postcards, which you can see pictured at our table.

Strategy: Alex Parish
Copy: Alex Parish

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